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Food Nutritional Expert Panel

We are food marketing experts and we are partnering with nutritionists and dietitians who know their food. With our panel of experts, we can provide our clients a no-nonsense resource that will help spread the word on the benefits of their brand.

Courtney Bier Scioli

Courtney Scioli is a certified nutritionist, holistic health coach, 200-hour registered yoga instructor, and passionate advocate for health and nutrition. Courtney studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, American Fitness Professionals & Associates, and Akasha Yoga Academy. Courtney is the founder of simply, the nutrition app that helps people get healthy. simply. provides users with the obtainable nutrition tips + knowledge people need to have a true understanding of what the right foods can do for them. a percentage of all subscription revenue goes towards kids nutrition programs every quarter. simply. can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Whitney Stuart

Whitney is a nutrition expert. She holds a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from UTSW, with a supporting undergraduate in pre-med & physiology from SMU where she was awarded department Woman of the Year. Her practice & social brand, Whitness Nutrition, educates the masses of real-food rooted nutrition with an emphasis on balance, grace & evidence-based facts. Whitney delivers personal, one-on-one attention to every patient to develop customized programs based on specific barriers, lifestyle and goals. All guidance is based on Whitney's persistent commitment to nutritional knowledge and research; a rapidly growing and improving field. She focuses on evidence-based research, backed by board-certified licensure and national accreditation. Her work experience in medical institutions provides a unique edge with her access to cutting edge research and constant continuing education.

Kelly Schmidt

Kelly Schmidt is a top-rated speaker, published author, dietitian coach, media guru, and creator of Healthy Cuisine, A Wellness Guide for Diabetes, tools that are helping thousands of individuals with blood sugar imbalance or insulin resistance cut through the noise and adopt the right healthy habits to get results. Her number one goal is to empower her clients to understand peak health and healthy blood sugar control far beyond your plate and that being your own best advocate is the ticket to success.  In her moving speeches, alongside personalized nutrition, she educates her audiences not only on what to ask and learn but on how to optimize their lifestyle, beyond what, how and when they eat. Kelly’s mission is to guide clients with blood sugar challenges to live a life where diabetes is less hard. Not easier, less hard.

Emily McGlone

Emily is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. At LexStart Nutrition, it’s Emily’s goal is to give her clients their freedom back by working with them to improve health and teach skills that last a lifetime. Emily takes a functional, whole-body approach to help clients feel better by utilizing nutrition for the whole body. She loves to dive deep and find the root cause, as well as tailor a nutrition intervention specifically to her clients, their body, their lifestyle, and their goals.

Kelli Shallal

Kelli Shallal is a Phoenix, Arizona based Registered Dietitian with a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from LLU.  She is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer.

In addition, she’s a mom, coffee addict, and hopes to share recipes, workouts, nutrition tips, and life happenings to accompany her work.

Kayla Hansmann

Kayla is a Cincinnati-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. With experience from Cincinnati Children's Hospital and adult chronic disease management & outpatient oncology, she is focused on providing comprehensive and personalized nutrition to all individuals in various
stages of life to achieve their personal goals and best state of health. Kayla has written and spoken on various nutrition topics in her personal blog, as well as for Quidwell, Cincy Lifestyle, ‘You Can Pound This’, Local Channel 12, and more! She loves making the world of food creative, realistic, and fun! She’s focused on providing comprehensive and personalized nutrition to all individuals in various stages of life to achieve their personal goals and best state of health. Determined to provide realistic meals and recommendations to fit within a busy and well-balanced day-to-day life (all foods included)!

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Food Nutritional Expert Panel
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