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We represent some of the top food influencers – finding relevant and proven ways to connect your brand with consumers to grow awareness, trial and documented sales, when possible.

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Our team specializes in working with Influencers in the food category to create shareable content, based on your specific strategy. In short, it's about influencer management and results … all under one food agency roof. What separates our influencer program? The powerful relationships we've built throughout more than 18 years in the food business. 


We believe in collaborating with micro, unpaid, paid and celebrity influencers

who will actually connect with consumers and encourage them to try new products. Our campaigns then work to drive consumers to Amazon, Shopify and even grocery retailers. THIS is where the difference between RMD and other influencer marketing programs gets real.

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For Food Brands Looking To Expand Their Reach Through Influencer Marketing

Recent studies show that nearly 80% of social media users look to influencer sites to make decisions when it comes to the food they select for themselves, their friends and their families.


As an integral part of your challenger food brand’s marketing mix, it’s important that the program you select is one that’s backed with experience and food expertise.

RMD has more than 18 years of experience in working with influencers.  Let us show you how we build brands, sell product and earn your way to shelf with the power of influence.

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Are You A Food Influencer?

If you’re an Influencer looking to expand your reach into the food world,

we want to talk - contact us here.


Are you a vendor? Click here for vendor info.

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