• RMD Advertising Strong for Food Clients
  • RMD Advertising Strong for Food Clients

    Reeling in Success

    What does a solid belief in our client do for a brand? Last year, we reeled in a whole lot of success for our beloved food brands.

    Watch our reel as we share just a FEW of our favorites. Enjoy!

  • RMD Advertising Caring for Wagons Ho Ho Ho, central Ohio charity

    800 reasons to give back

    As a way to give back, we donate and build wagons for families in need. This year we are proud to be able to deliver 800 wagons during the holidays through our favorite charity Wagons Ho Ho Ho. It's important because we believe that every child deserves a Christmas.

  • RMD Advertising Smart for Rudolph Foods

    This little piggy got 350,000 game plays

    Engaging the consumer with the down-home goodness of pork rinds ... Across the nation, one neighborhood, one football fan at a time. We developed a fun football game to raise awareness for Mike Ditka's charity and gave a chance for rind lovers to win prizes. Go ahead, throw a touchdown pass to Ickey ... you know you want to.

  • RMD Advertising and Little Caesars Pizza Kits

    The whole kit and caboodle

    Who doesn't love Little Caesars pizza? And who doesn't love raising money for a good cause? We know it's more than about fundraising with Little Caesars Pizza Kits and the best tasting pizza. It’s about helping raise funds for organizations in need. And that's one tasty brand benefit that everybody loves.

  • RMD Advertising Is Driven for Success

    Putting on the hard hat

    Working hard gets you one national Food Factory TV segment. Working smart gets you another. When you have an additional four client segments ready to air on the Food Factory TV show, we call that the power of RMD.

Our Passion is Helping Growing & Emerging Food Brands ... Grow

Insatiable Appetite

for Challenger Food Brands

We work with clients who expect their advertising agency to work as hard as they do. We are passionate, with the desire to do the right thing for the brand. We are tenacious when it comes to getting results. We think hard for the food brands we represent ... and dare we say, serve up nothing less than success.

We're proud of the more than 23 years of strategic creative and PR excellence and invite you to explore the behind the scenes of RMD. Take a little taste of our media success with our recent reel. Enjoy!

Culinary Creatives

set the table for Challenger Brands

The greatest asset we bring to the table is our team. Smart, creative, sharp, passionate and with the ability to problem solve. These words embody our strengths.

We are a dedicated team that addresses the needs of challenger food brands with results-oriented solutions. Our clients rely on it, and to that we say, amore.

Take a look at what it takes to be an RMDer.

Top Shelf Clients

are the bread and butter

Do what you love they say, so we decided to exclusively serve emerging food clients. Food may be our passion, but helping brands grow their business is the cherry on top!

Check out what we have cookin’ here.

  • Graeter's
  • Tandoor Chef
  • Bil-Jac Dog Food
  • Bravo Cucina Italiana
  • Rudolph Foods
  • Little Caesars Pizza Kit
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