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Trucker Love

Cause-related Campaign


Southern Recipe started serving up pork rinds way back in 1955. In the early years, pork rinds were made with bacon rinds that were already smoked. However, in 1957, the pork industry no longer supplied this product – effectively shutting down all pork rind production, including our beloved pork rind snack. With Southern ingenuity, our founder's wife put her home economics background to work and invented a secret two-step process for making pork rinds.



To continually increase education and inevitable participation in the health programs offered by The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF), Southern Recipe pork rinds and SCF partnered in the weeks before Truck Driver Appreciation Week to encourage drivers across the country to sign up for free health programs through the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. 

To increase sign-ups and be a source of support for truckers on their health journey:

  • We created unique content supporting the health programs available to truckers, encouraging truck driver fans to participate in the Tune-Up Challenge and spread the word weekly.

  • Social fans had the opportunity to win in our social communities. Traditional fans were also given a SHARE button on our website, prompting them to share the programs on their Facebook page to build awareness for truck drivers. Of those fans who shared the good word, we chose winners every week to receive free Southern Recipe pork rinds.

  • We videoed our truck drivers on the programs that helped them meet health goals and how they positively impacted their lives. 

  • Southern Recipe donated a dollar to the St. Christopher Trucker Relief Fund for every program sign-up during the campaign period.

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Story Content for Social Media featuring Real Truck Drivers

Results: August 1 - September 15

Media Impressions:
Media Breakdown:
Web Traffic:
Social Media Growth:
6 million, 20% higher than our goal
15 Broadcast Media Opportunities
5 Influencers
12 Print
2 National Media Opportunities
Increased by 188% over the same period last year
Facebook grew by 15%  from the previous month
Instagram grew by 20% from the previous month
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