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Olive Natural Skincare Announces Zero Carbon Certification

Olive Leads the Charge for Sustainably Produced Skincare

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – Olive Natural Skincare, Certified Natural skincare brand known for its dedication to natural and cruelty-free skincare, is celebrating a major sustainability milestone. Olive’s business operations have been certified Zero Carbon by the independent agency Ekos in New Zealand. The Ekos Zero Carbon certification ensures that the operation has measured and offset 100% of its CO2 emissions.

Beginning in 2001, Olive Natural Skincare has helped consumers realize that natural beauty begins with natural skincare. Now, more than 20 years later, Olive continues to chase the same vision: to make sophisticated, affordably priced, natural skincare available to everyone, produced in the beautiful New Zealand countryside, on the country’s largest privately-owned olive estate.

“This certification backs our commitment to sustainability and shows our commitment to the planet and to our fellow human beings,” CEO Mark Green stated. “Going Zero Carbon has certainly not come without a cost for Olive, financially, as well as in terms of management time and opportunity costs. Still, it’s an important initiative. We’d like to call on our fellow skincare brands, in fact all businesses, to join the sustainability movement.”

With over 40 natural products to choose from, ranging from facial and body care to bath and baby products, Olive has created a safe and reliable space in the beauty industry. NATRUE certified natural, cruelty-free, and certified organic, Olive continues to be a brand that customers can trust for themselves and the ones they love.

About Olive Olive Natural Skincare believes in creating a better, natural skincare product that consumers can trust. Olive Natural Skincare’s product line has been carefully formulated with a range of active botanical ingredients and olive leaf extract to bring you a clean, natural skincare regime that will leave your skin luminous, nourished and protected. Olive skincare is NATRUE certified natural. Olive’s products are free from petroleum, GMO’s, silicone oils and derivatives, synthetic colors or fragrances. By using Certified Natural ingredients, Olive creates a product that is best for skin and best for the planet with no animal testing. Olive celebrates water neutrality at its manufacturing plant, Zero Carbon operations and recyclable packaging.

Best for Skin; Best for Planet

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