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Newsweek Review: 11 Must Try Bourbons, Gins, Tequilas and Vodkas for 2023

The ultimate roundup of spirits you should get the next time you are at a liquor store.

If you are looking for something amazing to ring the New Year in, we have the ultimate roundup of spirits you should get the next time you are at a liquor store. From seasonal favorites to the best canned cocktails we've tried this year, this is your guide to what you need to buy.

Out of the hundreds of liquors, wines, and ready-to-drink cocktails we've tasted, these are some of the best options as we close out 2022 and kick off 2023. For those of us who aren't trying a dry January, these are essential purchases. You can also ask for them when out at a bar to get a taste before you commit to a full bottle.

Hendrick's Neptunia Gin is a deliciously refreshing expression that takes you to the seaside with coastal botanicals and a crisp citrus finish. If you are already over winter's wrath this light and sunny gin is the perfect way to spruce up your next cocktail. I highly recommend Hendrick's Neptunia Fizz.

Combine 2 parts Hendrick's Neptunia Gin, 1 part fresh lime juice, 1 part simple syrup in a highball glass. Top with soda water and 3 cucumber slices for a cocktail that will transport you to the Scottish coast.

Bib & Tucker 6-Year-Old Small Batch Bourbon is a tasty young bourbon with a sweet vanilla aroma and a smooth sip with hints of holiday pecan pie that turns to a warm finish with a hint of chestnut. If you are able to find the epic steam locomotive holiday topper, make sure you pick it up alongside a bottle of this wonderful bourbon. Great for sipping neat or for making an old-fashioned.

Are you a huge fan of espresso martinis when you are out? Now you can enjoy an epic espresso martini at home without mixing it yourself and keeping all the ingredients on hand. The XXI Espresso Martini is a bottle of ready-to-drink cocktails. Simply shake with ice and pour into a martini glass and you are ready to go. You can upgrade with some espresso beans to add to the presentation, if you are feeling fancy.

Buckeye Vodka is made in Ohio and is a great affordable vodka that is perfect for crafting cocktails. This is a traditional vodka with no flavor, it's clear and has a smooth finish. We used this to make delicious Moscow Mules for friends and family at a recent gathering and everyone loved it. There is a lot of value in this bottle.

Gray Whale Gin is a standout newer option that brings California botanicals together into a savory and herbaceous gin. This is citrus forward on the nose that gives way to a bit of nuttiness and mint before the traditional pine and juniper gin flavors come through. This is a wonderful gin to use with a simple gin and tonic or soda. It's also a great base for a Martini or a Negroni.

The Barrell Vantage Bourbon hits you with peaches and orange on the nose with a toasty deserty transition. Your first sip carries over this peach flavor adding in figs and oak as well as mom's home made cinnamon rolls. This is a very delicious and easy to sip blend that finishes with a little heat and carmelized sugar flavors before ending with a touch of spice. This is an excellent addition to your liquor cabinet.

Cincoro Gold is the latest expression from this brand owned by Micheal Jordan and several other NBA owners. It is a combination of all four Cincoro tequilas including the 40-month barrel-aged Cincoro Extra Añejo tequila. This adds up to a sweet tequila that includes flavors of vanilla and honey. If you are looking for an almost candied tequila expression, this is it.

The Stellum Black Equinox Blend #1 is part of Stellum's special releases, each of which is a great option, but this one stands apart from the rest. This bottle represents the layering of special barrels in the Stellum collection which they finished on the vernal equinox. This bourbon is smooth with a crisp nose that reminds us of spring before transitioning to a hint of spice. When you sip, you'll find hints of honey that opens into a toasted orange and then a long finish. Add three drops of water to open this up more. This is one of the best bourbons we've tasted this year.


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