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Food Brand Case Studies

An Ad Strategy That's Anything But Half Baked

The “hottest fundraiser in America” for all types of nonprofit groups/organizations, Little Caesars® Pizza Kit Fundraising Program proudly helps raise millions of dollars for thousands of schools, churches, sports teams and other nonprofit organizations. When the brand came to RMD, leads were flat and the strategy of speaking B2B fundraisers was challenging.


Grow brand awareness while building and maintaining current customer relationships. Additionally, identify new prospects through social media and create leads through a thoughtful and carefully orchestrated integrated social media marketing plan.


1. Create and maintain active and engaged social media platforms for Little Caesars Pizza Kits to drive lead generation for potential new customers.

2. Develop strong social media content for platforms that are active daily. To facilitate in creating and maintaining customer relationships via contests and campaigns that assist in an organization's fundraising goals.


1. Support the campaign overall with Facebook. Social Media buys to target consumers in key areas (top markets) and drive traffic for first-time trial.


2. Enlist lead generation ads in the social space, predominantly Facebook in tandem with growth-oriented likes ads. Support the campaign with a Twitter Pay-Per-Click campaign to drive user generation back to inquiries and ultimately, sales.


3. Geotarget consumers in top markets on Twitter, bringing them into our other social media pages (Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook).


Qualified Leads:
1,493 Leads (597% increase over 2016)
Qualified Lead Conversion Rate:

Social Media Audience Growth: 

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