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Food Brand Case Studies

What's Your Kitchen Beef?

Annual National Beef Month Campaign

For over 60 years, Keystone Meats has been producing quality all-natural lean meats and flavorful broths without artificial ingredients. Keystone doesn’t compromise quality because neither would their consumers. It’s what they serve their family, so consumers can trust them to serve theirs as well.

May is National Beef Month, and Keystone Meats was on a mission to solve consumers’ biggest “beefs” in the kitchen once and for all -- with kitchen hacks. Through a simple visit of Keystone’s website, consumers and fans were asked to vote for their favorite recipe. At the end of National Beef Month, one voter won a year’s supply of Keystone Meats.


We set out to settle the beef once and for all. Keystone Meats celebrated National Beef Month with an interactive campaign encouraging consumers to settle their kitchen “beef”. By choosing between different kitchen faux pas, consumers were be able to vote on their biggest problem in the kitchen, and Keystone solved those beefs with recipe-ready, all-natural beef.

Results: May 1 -31

33,290   An increase of 22% over last year's campaign
Web Visits:
38,641   An increase of over 30% over last year's campaign
Ad Equivalency:
Media Impressions:
1.5 million   
Media Breakdown:
Social Media Growth:
12 print, radio and online articles
Facebook +62% over last year's campaign.
Instagram +20% over last year's campaign.
Twitter +120% over last year's campaign.
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