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Food Brand Case Studies

A Bold Rebrand

Southern Recipe Small Batch has been perfecting their recipe for pork rinds for decades. Their commitment to excellence has been passed from generation to generation, and it all began in 1955 when John Rudolph learned of an untapped market for pork rinds.

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Pork Rinds”? If it’s a southern snack an older generation enjoyed, then you are not alone. However, Southern Recipe Small Batch is stirring the pot and changing the game. They are breaking the mold of pork rinds and making them highly relevant to a Millennial audience with Low Carb and Keto-friendly attributes, as well as innovative flavors such as Korean Kimchi BBQ, Spicy Dill, Pineapple Ancho Chili and Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Cuban Mojo and Thai Curry.


Southern Recipe Small Batch’s goal was to re-invent the way the target audience thinks about pork rinds. Not just as a grandfather’s snack, but as something that can be a hand-crafted convince snack with extraordinary flavors or used as an ingredient in a recipe.  The brand also wanted to appeal to the Keto Dieters or those on diets looking for a high protein, low carb snack. 


Social Media Community Growth Over STLY: 
Facebook grew by 167%
Instagram grew by 250%
Twitter grew by 268%
Facebook Click Thru Rate Growth Over STLY:
262% increase
Instagram Video Views Growth Over STLY:  
50% increase
Household penetration:
 From 11% in previous year to 14% in 2018
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