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Southern Recipe Small Batch Celebrated for Packaging Design

The leader in pork rinds awarded two prestigious, national awards for packaging.

Southern Recipe Small Batch, the leader in pork rinds today, has been awarded two prestigious, national awards for the brand’s packaging. Awards celebrated the new Pop-at-Home Pork Rind Pellets packaging as well as the brand’s core fried and oven baked pork rind packaging redesign.

The American Package Design Awards were presented by Graphic Design USA, and celebrate innovation in design, shelf appeal and the design’s ability to communicate to consumers, overall. “We’re thrilled to be acknowledged for our package design,” shared Kathryn Amatriain, Director of Marketing for Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds. “We continually strive to be known as the category leader, and our package design’s ability to communicate to consumers and pop off the shelf is just one way that we strive to do so.”

“Cyber Graphics is honored to be a brand partner with Rudolph Foods. For many years we have evolved the Southern Recipe Small Batch brand, striving to keep current with consumer trends, their likes as well as their needs,” stated John Davis, Creative Director Cyber Graphics. “The Southern Recipe Small Batch brand has deep roots dating back six decades to Mary Rudolph’s home kitchen recipe. Their approach to new product development is very similar to a craft distillery refining their product offering while not losing sight of where they came from. Product innovation and quality is paramount while paying homage to their brand’s product heritage. Here’s to many more years of brand development!”

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