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RMD Pledges To Fight The State Of Fear

It’s no surprise that, in these challenging times, we’ve seen the world react in ways that are both surprising and dismaying, but also incredibly awe-inspiring and empowering. As children and families navigate school closures … as neighbors reach out to help one another with trips to the grocery store … as independent business owners determine what their game plans will be in light of bar and restaurant closures in Ohio and beyond, we’re all a little uncertain about what the days ahead hold.

However, in the midst of what we can now call a crisis, RMD has pledged to take a stand – not against the insidious COVID-19, but against the more sinister virus: the state of fear that has risen up in each and every community.

Because our mission is to take care of one another and our clients, we’ve made a couple changes:

We’ve offered for our team members to either work at home or come into the office. Why? That decision was all about minimizing fear. For some of our team members, being surrounded by people they know and trust, in an environment where they feel safe in, is the best way to combat a fear mindset. For others, being connected digitally, in the comfort of their homes, is the best way to do so. We’ve shared our contingency plan with our internal team and with clients, so they know that RMD is a steady ship, despite what uncertainty awaits outside. We’ve enlisted additional health precautions around the office.

And, while this storm passes, we’ll continue to do what we’ve always done to promote healthy, vibrant RMD’ers. That includes:

1. Water challenges, challenging team to drink anywhere between 60 oz - 1 gallon to help flush their bodies.

2. Plank challenges to keep bodies and minds strong

3. Mid-day walks in the fresh airGratitude chains

4. Regular conversations with leadership about ways to beat fear and stay focused on what matters most

What are ways that your environment is working to minimize fear and promote health? Let us hear it! We’re hoping to inspire adaption, so we can continue to be a stronger, healthier, more robust RMD – especially when the food world needs us most.

We believe in the power of being smart, creative, sharp, passionate and problem solvers.  
We also believe in the power of gratitude.

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