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Creating the Buzz of the Season

Braxton Pumpkin Pie Beer

Launching Braxton's Pumpkin Pie Ale

Born in a garage, the passion for brewing became an entrepreneurial obsession. Melding the age-old tradition of brewing beer and innovative new-age technology, dreams are born and fermented at Braxton Brewing Company. Braxton launched a seasonal Pumpkin Pie Ale in celebration of Fall, partnered with a 148-year old ice cream brand, Graeter’s Ice Cream. This Braxton Brewing Co. flavor brought beer drinkers an adult-friendly beverage that rings with the Fall season. Mimicking the nostalgic flavors found in a slice of pumpkin pie, it featured notes of pumpkin pie spice, as well as hints of pie crust. The brew was the quintessential ode to pumpkin pie.



Braxton Brewing logo

This new product launch was supported with PR, social media and event marketing in our key markets. To increase awareness of this new beverage, Team RMD enlisted a well-oiled, integrated approach to public relations and event marketing to drive awareness to the brand, the Taprooms and the product overall.



August 20 – September 30, 2018

Advertising Equivalency: $47,950

Media Impressions: 12 million, exceeding our goal by more than double!

Media Breakdown: 23 print and online articles, 5 radio, 7 influencers

On-shelf sales at Kroger stores were robust, and the product sold out quickly – setting the stage for a growing relationship with the retailer in coming years.


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