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RMD Advertising Creates Food Nutrition Panel Uniquely for Challenger Food Brands

RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing challenger food brands, announces its newest, strategic public relations initiative, developed to strengthen brands and meet the needs of media and clients, alike. The agency will do so with objective, third party endorsements that consumers can trust. This exclusive program invites nutritionists, dietitians and wellness professionals to apply and, if selected, participate in an exclusive panel of experts that will offer knowledgeable advice, expert commentary and fact-based discussions with the media. 

According to Forbes, 30 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a non-celebrity blogger. Additionally, a recent study from Science Daily showed that many consumers are losing trust in influencer opinions about food products and are seeking expert opinions to back health claims. 

“We’ve been perfecting a program like this for a while now,” says  Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Client Brand Strategist at RMD Advertising. “As one of the few advertising agencies in the U.S. that focuses exclusively on challenger food and beverage brands, we recognize the opportunity these panelists can bring to serve not only our current food brands and their own businesses, but also the food community at large. This panel will offer expert voices related to ‘healthy and better-for-you meal and snack solutions’. This expertise in food nutrition, coupled with RMD’s expertise in food marketing, is a powerful force.”

RMD Advertising’s expertise in the food industry spans more than two and a half decades, making it the ideal agency for challenger food brands. With a sales driven mindset and the discipline to follow through on each project it adopts, the RMD Advertising team often attracts growing and emerging food brands that are passionate about their future. Currently celebrating 28 years of experience and its expansive industry knowledge, the agency cultivates a strong relationship with its brands in an ever-competitive industry.


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