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Raybern’s Launches New Deli-Style Variety in Select Costco Stores

Raybern’s, a brand already known for offering authentic deli-style Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, has launched two new innovative sandwich varieties: Meatball Marinara and a revamped Philly Cheesesteak, now available with 10 percent more meat. These two new varieties are available at an SRP of $11.99 for a package of six sandwiches at regional Costco stores starting in August 2019.

Costco shoppers in the Midwest, Southeast and in San Diego will be able to enjoy Raybern’s new, renovated Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, complete with 10 percent more richly seasoned USDA choice beef and melted American cheese.

Costco shoppers in Texas will be able to try Raybern’s exclusively new Meatball Marinara sandwich with Italian-style seasoned meatballs with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Both varieties will be available in a new, enhanced packaging encapsulating the Raybern’s handcrafted,

family-friendly persona.

“We’re eager to share our enhanced line with the discerning Costco shopper,” shares Doug Hall, Director of Marketing at Raybern’s Foods. “Costco is renowned for offering families quality meals and Raybern’s is no exception to that standard. We hope that Costco shoppers will not only enjoy our flavorful sandwich varieties, but come back for seconds and continue to invite Raybern’s to dinner!”

When it comes to sandwiches, Raybern’s has proven it is a brand that knows how to bring amazing flavor from the freezer to the microwave. Over thirty years ago, the founders Ray and Bernie envisioned sharing their love of New York-style deli sandwiches with the world. It took years to fully develop the Raybern’s bread recipe that cooks up “Bakery Soft” right from the microwave – as well as their signature Philly Cheesesteak and Pastrami recipes. Today, Raybern’s is proud to make millions of sandwiches each year, including the best-selling Philly Cheesesteak in America, according to 2017 Nielsen Scan Data. Now, the brand introduces bigger and better sandwiches to continue giving deli consumers what they crave.

About Raybern Foods

Raybern’s believes that the New York-style deli sandwich reigns supreme. Since 1978, they have been crafting incredibly delicious sandwiches with bakery-soft bread, slow-roasted meats and chef-created sauces. Now, consumers can enjoy authentic deli goodness at home or while on-the-go. It is Raybern’s mission to share its love of great sandwiches with as many people as possible and has succeeded in that the brand remains the top-selling Philly Cheesesteak in America, according to 2017 Nielsen Scan Data.

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