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Predictions For The Post Pandemic: As Experts Weigh In, Some Fads Will Dial Down

The way we live, think, eat and drink has changed drastically since the Pandemic of 2020 began.  And, it’s left so many of us wondering: which swooping changes will remain, and which will fade away long after the fear of the virus, social distancing, business shut downs and more dissipate. 

According to our research, the experts are predicting the following.  We’re interested, however, on how YOU feel you will continue to live as a family, friend group and community once the dust settles:


  • Consumers may behave, and buy, more conservatively/ cautiously when making purchases because there’s comfort and familiarity in doing so.

  • Alcohol sales will likely go back down to a more “normal” level – but now that more of us have adjusted to ordering online, and using apps, that trend will remain, and grow.

  • Pricier items such as organic foods/ beverages may not sell as well during the Pandemic – but will return when consumers regain their financial footing

  • Local will be supported long after the crisis. In fact, 38% of consumers say they’ll support local business more so after the pandemic.

  • Families will continue to return to the dinner table. A recent poll shows that 32% of Americans plan on making more home-cooked meals after the Pandemic.

  • Carry-out orders will again lower to pre-Pandemic levels.

  • We will return to our favorite restaurants, but less often than pre-Pandemic – but much preferred to carry out.

  • The craze for healthy eating (and specialty diets such as KETO) will continue to rise through and after the Pandemic, as Americans will have a burning desire to get back into shape and to increase their health overall.

  • 33% of consumers are baking more now more than usual. Americans in the kitchen will continue to be “a thing.” Still, more of us will order our groceries to be delivered to us, and the experience of shopping will need to be reinvented if it is to grow in the future.

We believe in the power of being smart, creative, sharp, passionate and problem solvers.  
We also believe in the power of gratitude.

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