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NestFresh Eggs Acquires New Barn Organics

NestFresh, the leader in sustainable, local and humane eggs, has taken major steps in growing its reach into the world of humane and sustainable food with the acquisition of New Barn Organics. The organic, dairy-free company delivering almond milk, buttery spreads, and now eggs, to health-conscious shoppers has joined the NestFresh family of brands.

New Barn Organics is focused on making “essentials” today’s shoppers can trust – always dairy-free and organic, and always delivering on the promise of excellent flavor. Quickly gaining prominent distribution nationwide in such retailers as Whole Foods, NestFresh will continue to grow the New Barn Organics brand, making it more accessible to a growing community of flexitarian, health and environmentally conscious consumers.

New Barn Organics is a natural fit within the NestFresh family of brands. Touting nutrient-dense organic ingredients that are thoughtfully and transparently sourced, and with no filler ingredients or foreign chemicals, both brands strive for excellence and trust among discerning consumers. Under NestFresh, New Barn Organics will be able to continue its mission to honor the spirit of small-scale, organic agriculture. Committed to honoring the land and people who produce the nation’s food, it is paramount for both companies that conditions are safe, healthy, regenerative and dignified.

“We’re so proud to be able to say the New Barn Organics team is under NestFresh’s roof. Not only does this acquisition allow us to expand our reach to a broader community of consumers, but it also allows us to fuel the growth of the New Barn Organics brand and mission,” shares Sotheary Hom, Marketing Manager for NestFresh. “Treating our land, our hens and our farmers well has been – and always will continue to be – at the core of who we are. Embarking on more ways to further this regenerative way of business is exciting.”

NestFresh believes raising happy hens is just one of many steps to cultivating healthy humans, and in turn, helping the communities it serves. In acquiring the New Barn Organics brand, NestFresh will be able to expand on its mission to do just that.


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