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Nate’s Meatless Leans on Consumer Favorites in Launching Its Newest Plant-Based Innovation

Nate’s Meatless of ADF Foods, an innovator in the plant-based category, has introduced its newest product to consumers seeking meatless options with which to supplement their diets. This year, the brand’s Swedish Meatballs will come to stores wherever Nate’s is sold nationwide, at an SRP of $4.49 for each 10.5 oz. package. Understanding that shoppers have become more interested in experiencing a meatless lifestyle, or have expressed their interest in lowering their meat intake, Nate’s now brings the familiarity of the Swedish meatball to its lineup of plant-based alternatives.

“Our new Swedish Meatballs are nothing short of delicious, and they cater to the growing plant-based consumer crowd,” shares Mike Ryan, Vice President of Sales USA. “Furthermore, they pack nutrition we know shoppers are looking for and perform well in recipes, all while being extremely convenient.”

Nate’s newest offering delivers a meatless alternative to traditional Swedish meatballs, with no cholesterol, seven grams of protein and only six grams of fat. In catering to shoppers who have begun to transition to diets completely – or partially – free from meat, Nate’s plant-based meatballs deliver a product that is comparable to its meat-based counterpart. In texture, flavor and overall experience, the Swedish Meatballs meet consumer demand for ingredients that don’t compromise on exactly what they’re looking for.

About ADF Foods

ADF Foods was born of the idea that delectable food comes from artfully crafted recipes and specially selected ingredients. It is with this thought in mind that we embarked on a culinary journey to chronicle a world of authentic foods. At the conception of ADF in 1932, we began as a small retail store by the name of American Dry Fruits. Today, ADF houses an array of traditional ethnic Indian, spicy Mexican and exotic Mediterranean foods, including brands like PJ’s Organics, Nate’s and Nate’s Indian Bistro.


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