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MEDIA ALERT: Graeter’s Ice Cream Releases Second Summer Flavor

Each Graeter’s Bonus Flavor is considered a “Limited Time Only” flavor,


Graeter’s Ice Cream, known for its indulgent, handcrafted flavors, signature chocolate chips and Old World French Pot process, is celebrating their annual introduction of Bonus Flavors. A “secret” that remains under lock and key until the day it’s released, guests will be made aware of the new flavors via broadcast media, social media, local scoop shops, the Graeter’s app and online store.

Each Bonus Flavor is considered a “Limited Time Only” flavor, and once the flavor is gone it is retired for the year. Buy it by the scoop in Graeter’s stores or ship nationwide at!


Fans are encouraged to visit a scoop shop near them, go to the Graeter’s online store or App to try each Bonus Flavor for themselves.


Graeter’s second Bonus Flavor, Hot Honey Crunch, released today, June 5th, 2023!


To learn more about Graeter’s Ice Cream or to buy the Bonus Flavors online, visit or on social media @Graeters.

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