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Lilly’s Hummus Turns to RMD for Food Marketing Expertise

RMD Advertising announces the addition of Lilly’s Hummus to its list of established blue chip food clients. Together, RMD and Lilly’s Hummus will expand the awareness and reach of Oregon’s non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan hummus. Using organic, kettle cooked chickpeas; Lilly’s Hummus offers the freshest, closest overall alternative to home made hummus. Considered one of the nations fastest growing hummus brands, Lilly’s will lean on RMD’s counsel through an increased focus on brand strategy, social media, digital advertising and public relations to raise awareness and knowledge about the brand.

With ten flavorful varieties, Lilly’s Hummus prides itself on using clean, honest ingredients and a traditional, artisan kettle-cooking process. Producing fresh hummus weekly in their Portland, Oregon facility, Lilly’s is located on an 11.5-acre parcel where they fully recycle and composts waste, and they are fortunate to be a part of community with a long history of supporting this practice. Reduction of pre-packaged ingredients through cooking their own beans, and roasting fresh vegetables in-house is a part of their mission of environmental sustainability. Lilly’s Hummus is naturally gluten-free, and some varieties are also tahini-free (for those with allergies to sesame).

"Without a doubt, our entire team is thrilled to play on this category-changing brand,” shares Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Client Brand Strategist. “Lilly’s is a truly authentic love brand, and the hummus category is hot. We’re beyond thrilled to help consumers begin to think differently about hummus and savory snacking overall — and there’s no better tasting, more innovative hummus brand than Lilly’s. This product is most certainly a game-changer."

RMD's ideas address the challenges faced by the embodying the words smart, creative, sharp, passionate, gratitude and problem solving. Objectively considered one of the strongest brand-oriented challenger food advertising agencies, the RMD team works to find a better way for clients to relate to their audiences from both emotional and intellectual perspectives. In being determined as an agency within the top 20 performing firms by O’Dwyer’s, RMD’s depth of knowledge within the challenger food category, specifically, separates it from the rest and makes it the ideal partner for Lilly’s Hummus.

We believe in the power of being smart, creative, sharp, passionate and problem solvers.  
We also believe in the power of gratitude.

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