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Kokomio Launches 100% Sustainability Initiative

Premier coconut beverage crafted with authentic ingredients creates even more sustainable packaging, striving towards using 100% of the coconut with zero waste.

Kokomio, a one-of-a-kind premium coconut beverage, announces a zero-waste initiative whereby the brand will use the entire coconut in the manufacturing, packaging and shipping process. The brand’s new packaging features biodegradable coconut husk insulation and ice gel packs, which allow the product to remain cold for up to 60 hours while in transit. The product itself uses the pulp and water of the coconut. The Kokomio team is currently working on ways to create sustainable activated charcoal from the final element of the coconut — the shell — thus using the entirety of the coconut with zero waste.

Consumers can purchase this refreshing coconut beverage from a growing list of natural retailers in five states, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii. Each bottle of Kokomio is bursting with the benefits of refreshing, right-from-the-tree coconuts, and is carefully crafted from a blend of coconut water and pulp. The line includes coconut beverage varieties using cold brew coffee, pineapple and cacao as well as an original flavor.

“It’s been the Kokomio dream to be 100% sustainable since the very beginning,” says Alan Cohen, Founder and CEO of Kokomio. “As we work towards zero waste and using 100% of the coconut in our product packaging and shipping materials, we hope others in the industry will be inspired to strive for the same. We only get one Earth, so let’s support it the best way we can.”

Kokomio’s sustainability efforts also support economic opportunities for family farms in Guerrero, Mexico, where its coconuts are grown and harvested by workers earning a living wage. The brand also helps local farmers acquire technology to improve the coconut farming process, making it sustainable at the source.

Kokomio’s core values of people, product and environment represent its overall initiative to make an impact on the industry. Creating a purpose around the product, elevating the awareness of its superior coconuts and people-first harvesting practices, and making better sustainability decisions as a collective community remain at the heart of what the brand stands for. The Kokomio team hopes to inspire and motivate the industry for better practices moving forward.

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