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Graeter’s Heads to the Playoffs with a Truckload of Cincinnati’s Best Ice Cream

To help celebrate Cincinnati’s Road to this year’s Big Game, Graeter’s Ice Cream has developed plans to load up their now famous ice cream truck and drive to Buffalo for this weekend’s playoff game on Sunday. The Graeter’s team also plans to document their journey on social media, so loyal fans can enjoy the playoff trip right along with the Graeter’s team.

Knowing that many Cincinnati, and Ohio fans in general, will be traveling to Buffalo to celebrate their favorite team’s hopeful win, the brand hopes to join in the celebration with free ice cream, turning new fans onto the Graeter’s legacy as well.


Fans can support Cincinnati by following the Graeter’s truck on Instagram @Graeters.


The ice cream truck will hit the road in the early morning hours of Friday, January 20th, and will document their journey throughout the playoff game on Sunday.

HOW: For on the road or on site Zoom and in person interviews, please contact Sarah Walters at the number/email below.


Sarah Walters,, 614.794.2008.


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