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GOOD PLANeT Supports the Community in a Variety of National Giving Efforts

GOOD PLANeT Foods is celebrating its recent charitable giving in an effort to promote today’s positive news in light of the current health crisis. Most notably, the brand will work with SPINS®, a data technology company, and Seattle pizza chain, Pagliacci, to donate up to 800 pizzas to the unsung heroes of the food industry: grocery workers. This donation will be offered to select retailers as part of the plant-based cheese company’s continued charitable giving, especially as America navigates a variety of challenges.

“Shining a light on the brand’s goodwill is not simply an opportunity to boast in our mission to be ‘good for the planet and good for you’, but it is an effective way to amplifythat very message,” shared David Israel, CEO of GOOD PLANeT Foods. “We’re grateful to the many partners who have come alongside us in our giving efforts this year, most recent of which are SPINS® and Pagliacci.”

“Grocery workers are the unsung heroes of the natural products industry,” said SPINS’® Tony Olson, owner and CEO of SPINS®. “We’re excited to partner with GOOD PLANeT in their initiative and hope it brightens the spirits of those essential employees who work to keep us healthy and nourished.”

Among the outletsGOOD PLANeThas donated to within the past year, and in increasing regularity within the last quarter, is Tahoma School District, Rainier Valley Food Bank, Food Lifeline, Feeding America, Food Finders and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. In continuing to share the brand’s goodwill, GOOD PLANeT, in partnership with SPINS®, will donate up to 800 pizzas from Pagliacci to area grocery workers – this, for the sake of thanking today’s essential employees who are keeping America running smoothly through today’s health crisis.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to pitch in where we can, whether that’s through a donation to a food bank, by hosting a pop-up event to lift the spirits of the local community, or by offering our gratitude to grocery workers with the gift of free pizza,” says David Israel, CEO of GOOD PLANeT Foods. “It’s our hope that we’re able to use our resources to help pull America through during this time and beyond.”

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