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GOOD PLANeT Launches New Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Cream Cheese

GOOD PLANeT Foods, a premium plant-based food company known for its environmentally-friendly, delicious and meltable cheeses, has announced a new innovation that expands the depths of its product line: cream cheese. Expected to be available this month, consumers will be able to enjoy plant-based and dairy-free cream cheese that performs like its conventional dairy counterpart.At an SRP of $4.99 for each seven-ounce cup, this product launch speaks to the brands’ bent towards innovation and continued growth, as it pushes not only the company forward, but also the plant-based category forward, overall.

GOOD PLANeT’s plant-based cream cheese is made from refined coconut oil and plant starches, and free from the eight most common allergens. As consumers become more aware of dietary sensitivities and restrictions, GOOD PLANeT aims to continue catering to their needs. Like other products in the brand’s full set of SKU’s, the new cream cheese is dairy, nut, soy, egg and wheat free, as well as certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher, halal and Non-GMO Project Verified.

“Our plant-based cheeses are almost identical to the real thing,” says David Israel, CEO of Good Planet Foods and longtime food industry pioneer. “The new cream cheese spreads wonderfully on your favorite bagel and is great in countless recipes, like cheesecake, where a person wants the traditional cream cheese flavor and texture but without the dairy. We’re proud of our products and our mission to help reduce food’s environmental impact while respecting animal rights.”

GOOD PLANeT Foods also recently announced availability of its current product line in several new retailers nationwide, including Harris Teeter, Walmart and Costco’s Bay Area Region, as well as expanded food service distribution in partnership with Dot Foods.

About GOOD PLANeT Foods

With the mission to be and do good for you and the planet, in everything, GOOD PLANeT Foods offers premium plant-based cheeses in both shredded and sliced varieties. The plant-based cheeses are made from coconut oil and plant starches that help create the texture and meltability of dairy cheese. GOOD PLANeT Foods provides a healthy alternative to dairy cheese without having to compromise on taste. Free from the eight primary allergens including dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, and wheat, GOOD PLANeT Foods is gluten-free, certified vegan, kosher, halal and Non-GMO Project verified. Available for retailers and food service, please visit www.GoodPlanetFoods.comfor more information. Follow us on social media at @goodplanetfoods.

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