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Did It Move You?

In the agency business, there’s such a thing as a “lock” on a campaign strategy … sometimes you get it, sometimes you come close. It’s that time when you know in your gut – apart from data, consumer feedback and science – that it’s the right message, at the right time, for the right audience.

This 2020 Truck Driver Appreciation Week campaign is one of those locks. It will move you.

Please take a moment to watch our videos of Truck Drivers and share the message. If EVER there were a time that a campaign deserves to go viral, it’s this one. #MarketingMatters #TruckDriverAppreciationWeek. southernrecipe.com/truckdriverappreciation

We believe in the power of being smart, creative, sharp, passionate and problem solvers.  
We also believe in the power of gratitude.

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