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Buckeye Vodka Makes and Donates Hand Sanitizer

Buckeye Vodka, an affordable, Ohio-made premium vodka, is partnering with two other Dayton-based companies, MiracleCorp and Dayton Freight, to make and donate upwards of $50,000 of hand sanitizer. Among the hospitals, food banks and first responders locally and across the state that will receive the donation are the Cleveland Clinic and Homefull.

Buckeye Vodka will help produce and bottle the sanitizer – made to the specifications of the W.H.O. and FDA – in 3.5 oz. and 16 oz. spray bottles. It will then be transported with donated resources from Dayton Freight.

Recognizing a dire need within the healthcare system for basic needs like hand sanitizer, this trio of local businesses made the decision to fill that gap with the resources they already have at their disposal.Each of the local brands will use their resources, time, labor and equipment in an effort to give back to the community inthe aftermath of America’s currenthealth crisis.

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