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Braxton Brewing Ranks as Fourth Fastest Growing Regional Brewery in 2019

Braxton Brewing Co., a regional brewery with national recognition, is celebrating its stature as the fourth fastest growing craft brewery in the United States. With research from the Brewers Association, a not-for-profit trade group for both small and independent craft brewers, Braxton Brewing owes much of this achievement to the launch of its hard seltzer brand, VIVE, and the opening of its rooftop in Covington, as well as its dedicated barrel-aging brewery and taproom in Fort Mitchell.

This prestigious ranking is representative of the brewer’s national success and of its dedication to making a material impact on a very fast-growing craft beer industry. Despite nearly half of America’s top brewers reporting a decrease or flat line in 2019 productivity levels, Braxton Brewing Co. reported a significant increase in its own volumes, by 96% at a total of 23,500 barrels. This impressive productivity is primarily attributed to the success of Braxton Brewing’s hard seltzer, VIVE, which quickly grew into a top performing regional hard seltzer upon its launch.

“With over 10,000 breweries in America it’s truly special to rank in the Top 5 in terms of year over year growth,” shares Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing. “From the original days of brewing out of our garage, our team has always remained true to our roots: providing quality beverages to share with our friends and family. It’s the support from this community, though, that keeps us motivated day in and day out.”

Braxton Brewing has carved out its place as a brewery to watch nationwide and was recently honored with Brewbound’s prestigious Rising Star Award. This Thursday, June 11 will mark the reopening of Braxton’s Covington Taproom and Rooftop location. To learn more or speak to a Braxton Brewing Co. team member, please reach out to Sarah Walters at Walters@RMDAdvertising.com.

About Braxton Brewing Company

Born in a garage, a passion for brewing has become an entrepreneurial obsession. Melding the age-old tradition of brewing beer and innovative new-age technology, dreams are born and fermented at Braxton Brewing Company. It is the hub of our lives and a place where we showcase our passion for brewing beer. It’s here, where our expert team holds every single pint of Braxton beer to the highest standard of excellence. And like the garage of our past, our new home is deeply rooted in the community of Covington, Kentucky.

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