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Braxton Brewing Co. Brings One-Of-A-Kind Experience to Beer Drinkers

Nationally-acclaimed brewery, Braxton Brewing Co., has opened its first-ever Barrel House in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, also launching the area’s first barrel-aging brewery and taproom.

The Braxton Barrel House offers a unique experience for patrons by giving them the opportunity to create custom private barrel picks of Barrel-Aged brews.

The Braxton Barrel House celebrates Kentucky’s rich bourbon culture while continuing to create the unique experiences for which the brewing company is known.

Once a Remke grocery store, the 2,000 square foot loading dock has been redeveloped with large glass garage doors and a spacious outdoor patio. The 20,000 square-foot warehouse under the main floor houses the Barrel-Age beer, while a taproom for guests sits on top.

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