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Agave & Rye Brings Epic Dining Experience to Louisville

Agave & Rye, a modern Tequila and Bourbon Hall, based at its roots in Covington, KY, will bring its unique dishes and dining experience to its newest location in Louisville. The restaurant will sit at 426 Baxter Ave in Louisville, where locals and visitors can enjoy the epic drink and food menu for which Agave & Rye has come to be known. The restaurant will also feature an outdoor bar and patio, as well as an arcade room for those seeking entertainment with their dining experience. This opening marks the continuation of aggressive expansion plans to bring Agave & Rye to restaurant-goers nationwide. By the end of 2020, Agave & Rye plans to have up to six restaurants opened, proceeded by 15 or more concepts annually, in each year following.

“This is a very exciting move for Agave & Rye,” shares Yavonne Sarber, Founder of Agave & Rye. “We are looking forward to bringing Agave & Rye to the residents of Louisville. This truly is a one-of-a-kind dining experience, that we’re sure will bring life to an already foodie-loving community. In particular, we’re excited to introduce an arcade to this location, matching Louisville’s youthful energy.”

Every restaurant location looks different, bringing its own feel from the surrounding community to blend both Agave & Rye and Louisville together into one epic experience. Agave & Rye’s concept walks an intriguing line between fine art and street art, which gives each location the feel of “urban grunge” with an eclectic mix of music that spans everything from 80’s pop hits to today’s essential tracks. Visually, both rustic wood and brightly colored, plush cushions dress the space to create a comfortable atmosphere. The outdoor patio will allow patrons to fully experience Louisville’s beauty, while the new arcade room is designed to help gamers and adventure-seekers feel at home. 

The menu itself sets Agave & Rye apart from the traditional restaurant with street favorites, as well as epic tacos – such as “The Crown Jewel”, featuring truffle mac n’ cheese and lobster, the “Swipe Right”, featuring honey lime grilled chicken, sweet & spicy bacon and aged white cheddar, and “The Proper Dinner” featuring whiskey and coke short rib, butter whipped potatoes, glazed baby carrots and tobacco onions. Signature craft cocktails offer a mix of modern and traditional, from Jalapeño Pineapple Margaritas to Whiskey & Cherry Dr. Pepper Slushees. Fresh, made-from-scratch recipes with only the best ingredients available offer inventive ways for guests to enjoy expertly crafted food, bite-by-bite and sip-by-sip.


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