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5 Things To Do Right Now … If You Were Counting On Launching a Product at Expo West

2020 will undoubtedly be an epic year for the Food Business, overall. With the recent cancellation of Natural Products Expo West, many brands, small and large, are left with unforeseen expenses that can’t be recouped, and disappointment in the midst of lost opportunities for new product launches.  What’s a food brand to do? Below are five strategies you can – and should – enlist right now to set your food brand back on the path of unprecedented success.

1. Video. Create a short and inspiring video to address retailers, touting your new product, and what makes it unique, special and appealing to shoppers. Created simply, yet professionally, from your desktop, this video can be shared via email, LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant social media channels.

2. Survey Your Retail Partners. By sharing a quick survey, with an incentive to complete, and then sharing that with your customer database, you can grab important information that you normally would have received in face-to-face booth visits. Be sure to include an offer to share each of the new SKUs that you were planning on sharing with customers, and allow them to select samples they’d like to receive.

3. Media Blitz. You will need to move quickly on this strategy, as media moves at lightning speed to create wrap-up articles. By supplying your best media partners with a high quality news release of the new product launches, containing high quality, high resolution photography, your brand could very well be included in coveted wrap-up articles, as well as be considered for upcoming editorial that is currently being planned.

4. Retail Blitz. Quickly compiling a list of your most important, targeted retailers (those you were hoping to meet at the show) and putting together a small package containing new product and potentially a news release and small personal note, can help you make a stronger connection. Be sure to include easy contact information, should the customer need further information.

5. Work with Your Food Agency NOW. Strong, credible media is always hungry for tips and tutorials. If you missed the opportunity to showcase your newest innovation, especially if it’s highly unique to the category and also solves a current consumer problem, your food agency partner should be able to interview you for a problem solving tutorial chock full of facts and objectivity that drives awareness.

In every problem rests an opportunity. By looking for solutions in the midst of disappointments, such as the cancellation of Natural Products Expo West, food brand launches can still enjoy the richness that comes for a well-executed launch – even if it experiences unforeseen bumps along the way. For information on deploying these tips, or others, contact Sue Reninger at RMD Advertising at www.RMDadvertising.com.

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