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10 Steps of a Successful Social Media Strategy

While it’s true that a social media initiative could be executed by nearly anyone today, a successful social media initiative that’s robust, well-rounded, strategic, effective and integrated requires expertise in food marketing, marketing strategy and social media technology. Especially today, a comprehensive approach is mandated. Below is a brief summation of the minimum steps involved in social media execution for challenger food brands . Does your strategy include these essential steps? Take a quick audit:

A successful social media strategy contains these 10 key elements.

1. Visual content that’s clear and on-point. Beginning with quality content (natural lighting, hi-res, juxtaposed), your social media grid will look curated, polished and enticing for your core consumer.

2. Copy that’s relatable, consistent and speaks to the consumer. Whether you take on a longform caption approach, or you keep copy short and humorous, your consistent content will draw attention. B2B? No problem. Your core audience will grow to expect informational, relatable and consistent content, too.

3. Keep it frequent. We’re talking one post a day, possibly more. Some brands find success with multiple posts a day. For most brands, we post at least once a day to keep us front of mind and at the top of the timeline.

3.5. Or, maybe not! You might find that your audience doesn’t respond well to daily posts. Using sophisticated analytical tools, we measure the best time to post, as well as when our audience is responding to our messaging most often.

4.  Be aware. Be mindful, be present and be aware. It is super easy for brands to become tone-deaf, especially as the world changes quickly. Be committed to current events, big and small and be ready to participate in events that pertain to you. Even the fun ones like Netflix or celebrity Twitter prompts.

5. Hit all the platforms. RMD calls this cascading. We tweak the messaging to fit the platform and ensure that our message goes to all platforms we’re talking Facebook, Instagram, Facebook and Instagram Stories and Live opportunities, Twitter, Pinterest … and sometimes YouTube).

6. Shout out to your friends. Yes, tag your retailers. Direct to your online store. Give Amazon a shout out. Connect with your marketing and sales partners and bolster that partnership.

7. Balance your ad spends. Between digital campaigns, PPC and boosting, you can find different ways to reach your audience with different calls to action.

8. Deep listening. This is important for catching the negative information out there. While we love peaches and roses in the social space, we know some people get loud and proud with their negative feedback. We have critical keyword searches for information related to toxins, unfavorable taste or production, or any other crisis your brand could encounter. This also helps us measure consumer behavior, good, bad and indifferent, that could be a resource to your sales team.

9. Turn your social into customer reporting. Yes, you’ve tagged your retail partners and directed shoppers to their stores. They want to see this! Include these posts and metrics in your category presentation and remind your partners that you are just as invested in driving traffic to their store as they are!

10. Get chatty. Finally, open and close your day with consumer interaction. Don’t leave your consumer comments and messages on read. Engage, interact, like their comments and give them a little bit of you. And of course, answer their questions! We’re all about communicating and building brand love with our audience.

Can you think of more must-haves in your social media game? Maybe you should be on our team. Contact us to learn what it means to be an RMDer.

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