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Food Brand Case Studies

A Super Campaign For The Super Bowl

Rudolph Foods, the world's largest manufacturer of pork rinds, succeeded in its quest to solidify Pork Rind Appreciation Day as a nationally designated holiday.

Using the power and quirkiness of Pork Rind Appreciation Day, Southern Recipe Small Batch, and our nonprofit of choice, Coach Mike Ditka’s Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, teamed together to reach consumers in an interesting and unique way. Leading up to Super Bowl Sunday the brand raised funds for former NFL football players in dire need — and in this campaign year, especially those affected by traumatic brain injuries.


To celebrate our 14th Annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day - and our support of Coach Ditka's Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund - we counted SACKS and traded 'em for SNACKS.

Each week:

  • Consumers entered by picking any team they believed would get the most sacks in that weeks' NFL football game.

  • One randomly selected entry would win a case of pork rinds for every sack their selected team got. (Minimum 2 cases).

  • Every entry was also a chance to win the Grand Prize of $5,000 and a year’s supply of pork rinds!


By exposing consumers to pork rinds, we increased brand and product awareness, raised donations for the nonprofit Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, and sold more pig skins during this time period than ever before.

Results: September 2nd, 2022 - February 12th, 2023

Media Relations Impressions:
Media at a Glance:
102 million 
66 Broadcast
including MULTIPLE National Media
30 Marketing Influencers
Media Relations ROI:
Social Media Impressions:
Game Plays:
Website Hits:
Gridiron Greats Donation:
1.6 million
135%  over STLY
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