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Food Brand Case Studies

Recipe Ready Amazon Results

The Key To Keystone Meats' Success


Position recipe ready Keystone Meats as a product for clever on-the-go moms who are seeking healthy and delicious, time-saving meals for their families. Further, elevate BRAND awareness and sales of Keystone's fully cooked products via today’s ever-growing e-comm/Amazon shoppers.


To better target consumers who are flooding Amazon for unique food products -- and to showcase Keystone Meats as a convenient way to stock their pantry shelves, we undertook a highly targeted digital campaign.  In this campaign, we initially grabbed consumer interest with a food marketing video and then sealed the deal with a quick and direct link to the brand’s store on Amazon.


In doing so, we put a new shine on simple but delicious recipe makeovers – recipes that can be made faster (and we think better) with Keystone recipe ready meats, while introducing new consumers to the brand, overall.


With a very small spend (less than $1,000) to test this concept for this highly traditional brand, the results were staggering.
113,201 (227% over goal)
10,385 (568% over goal)
Cost Per Click:
$ .07
Click Through Rate:
9.17% (the industry average is .35%)
Power Of The Consumer:
Calculating the purchase power of the consumer, this campaign yield a 5:1 ROI (and counting) - proving digital advertising as a highly lucrative strategy for Keystone Meats.
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