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Food Brand Case Studies

When Pigs Fly!

Supporting the Legendary Flying Pig Race

To help support Cincinnati’s own 25th Annual Flying Pig Marathon, Graeter’s took to the French Pot floor to create something just as legendary as the Flying Pig event itself. And boy, did the Flying Pig Tracks limited edition flavor take off. To help create a truly successful PR campaign, Team RMD enlisted strategies that are as unique as the Graeter’s brand itself.



In support of the Flying Pig race, Team RMD aimed to send a 6-pack of Flying Pig Tracks to a predetermined set of previous Flying Pig race winners before the race. Focusing on various categories and Cincinnati residents, the aim was to celebrate runners’ past feats with fresh out of the French Pot samples of Graeter’s new flavor. In doing so, we asked them to snap a photo and share it on their social pages.

Flying Pig Tracks.png

Results: April 2023

Media Impressions:
19 million secured impressions, including two national hits on MSN and Yahoo!
Media Breakdown:
7 Broadcast Media Opportunities
7 Influencers
24 Print
2 National Media Opportunities
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