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Food Brand Case Studies

Launching an E-commerce Brand in Today's Competitive Market

How do you increase sales, expand brand reach across the country and maintain a strong brand image? Our snack food brand specializing in producing better-for-you options in multiple flavors and portions, launched an ecommerce, DtoC site just as the Pandemic began -- successfully capturing more consumer sales, while improving their reach and consumer service to fans across the US.



Beginning in early 2020, Team RMD built a strategy to predominantly drive appeal to consumer’s needs and add to top of funnel in an effort to create robust site traffic for the client's new ecomm platform. 


After seeing an incremental increase in sales for four months, the team switched tactics and began using digital advertising to expertly drive traffic that would convert on Shopify seamlessly, effectively and successfully. As the team changed direction to focus on conversions rather than clicks, our goal was established: reach $10,000 in sales during the first month, while executing this new strategy ongoing.




Team RMD surpassed the monthly sales goal in October 2020, five months after the launch of the site, by reaching $10,594 in Shopify sales. In November, the sales nearly doubled at $17,558. Today, Shopify sales continue to remain above the original monthly goal, month after month.


Conversion Rate 

Team RMD continues to drive new consumers to the Shopify site while retargeting consumers as well. However, just as importantly, the conversion rate continues to remain above goal and above the average conversion rate for the CPG category of 2.63%. 

3.01% November

2.69% December

3.12% January

2.97% February



The number of orders per month increased by 300% from the launch of the Shopify site to the end of 2020.


Digital Ad Performance 

As we refocused on conversions rather than clicks, our Conversion Rate and Orders climbed increasing our Cost Per Click. The conversion rate increased by 174.1% and the orders increased by 427% in the first month of implementing the new strategy.

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