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Food Brand Case Studies

Celebrating Martini Day!

Martini Recipes All Month Long!

We start with the best! The corn grown on the farms of Ohio and in The Great Midwest is better than any other place on earth. The superiority of our grain gives Buckeye Vodka its pleasing aroma and superb taste because it is made from corn.

Each small batch of Buckeye Vodka is carefully handcrafted by the owners of the company. We test and compare each filtration against the leading national brands, and we don’t stop until ours is the smoothest. This personal attention to detail ensures that every bottle of Buckeye Vodka is just as good as the last.


This campaign went above and beyond to bolster social media growth and awareness through PR. Through an integrated public relations, social media, and digital marketing plan, we drove consumers to Buckeye Vodka’s social media and website, that positioned Buckeye Vodka as the #1 vodka for martinis in the state of Ohio.


Results: June 1 - June 30

Media Relations:
2.8 million secured impressions
TV and Radio Hits:
8 Broadcast media hits in one month
Advertising Equivalency:
10 marketing influencers 
Social Media Growth:
Surpassed our goal of increasing all platforms together by 750
Facebook Engagement:

Increased engagement by 1,091%

Instagram Engagement:

Increased engagement by 758%

TikTok Engagement:

Increased engagement by 125%

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