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Food Brand Case Studies

Lunchbox Love!

Helping Barney Butter Become a School Lunch Love Brand

To get ready for Back-to-School 2023, Barney Butter needed a way to ensure that Barney Butter’s almond butter made its way to as many school (and work) lunchboxes as possible for the new school year. Barney Butter knew that by doing so, not only would they encourage healthy eating habits, but would also reach an audience not previously reached – increasing both brand awareness and velocity.


RMD’s primary strategy revolved around the exposure of Barney Butter on social media. Whether you were on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, it was RMD’s aim that our target audience – Millennial moms, and especially moms of kids with peanut allergies, would find memes, recipes, and giveaways from Barney Butter. These resources were geared toward directing consumers to explore how they could incorporate the products into their daily lives.

The Barney Butter and RMD team achieved this by collaborating with targeted, relevant, and notable brands to conduct social media giveaways. This led to an influx of consumers who did not yet know of the momentum in brand love Barney Butter had accumulated over the years, and to the brand becoming a more solidified household name to those who did.

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Results: September 2023

Facebook Engagements:
An increase of 199%
Instagram Engagement:
Twitter Engagement:
Communities retained:
Co-Marketing Partnerships:
An increase of 199%
An increase of 175%
90% for 3 months or longer
4 during the month
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