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Food Brand Case Studies

Food, Drink, Go!

How Agave and Rye Reinvigorated the Central Ohio Market

To connect with consumers quickly and to re-jumpstart guest visits in central Ohio Short North and Grandview locations, RMD enlisted a Columbus-based Whitelisting Influencer campaign to visit various Agave and Rye locations. With a flurry of activity and a flooded Instagram stream of EPIC photography, this campaign quickly put Agave & Rye back on the Columbus dining map.


The influencers selected for this campaign were a mix of popular, nano, paid, and unpaid to reach the most diverse audience via Instagram. Further, they were chosen based on content, quality, location, following, and engagement rates, as well as their ability to execute quickly.

Next, team RMD coordinated these influencers to post on a specific schedule so there was an ever-evolving Agave & Rye feed in the market. Influencers were assigned a topic: drink, food or atmosphere. This helped the team to ensure well rounded content about everything that makes Agave & Rye unique, different … and, well, EPIC!

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Results: August

320,000 secured marketing Influencer media impressions
Influencer Posts:
70 Influencers in one month
Media Impressions:
42 posts about tacos, 21 posts about cocktails, and 7 posts about the EPIC atmosphere
Influencer Engagement:
Average engagement over 5.5% and
210 Influencer gift card giveaways to drive long-term guest visits
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